I am trying to set up a file/media server for my home network. I have a self built "Franken-Computer". I made a Live CD of Puppy Linux to make sure the old thing would work before I tried putting a bigger OS on it.

So, I put the Puppy Linux CD in and it runs fine. Using Puppy I got online and downloaded the 32 bit ISO of Ubuntu Server 12.04. I tried burning the image onto a CD using the Puppy Linux built in ISO burner software.

The CD said it was successful, so I rebooted the PC and tried to boot to the Ubuntu Server CD. The message "Missing Operating System" appeared, just like before I had booted from Puppy Linux.

So here's my question, is their any way to install the Ubuntu Server ISO while running Puppy Linux? Or do I HAVE to make a Live CD? Also, I want to avoid using Wubi.

Thank you, I look forward to your replies.

Tyler Ciszar