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Thread: Update Manager sudo trojan

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    Update Manager sudo trojan

    sudo TWICE in Update Manager?

    Last night ~00:00UTC 2012-05-17 I had one item on Update Manager.

    I clicked 'Check' just in case there were others. There were. I then absent mindedly clicked 'Install Updates' without checking the list first.

    When it had finished, I noticed in the by now greyed-out list, two entries for sudo. One had a checkbox, as normal, but one had no checkbox -- ie no option not to choose it. They were:

       checkbox  sudo  allow elevation to superuser by user
    no checkbox  sudo  allow elevation to superuser by specranch
    I can't remember the usual descriptive wording, but the specranch bit is as it was.

    Have I somehow allowed in a trojan? Or in some other way been cracked?

    Is it ever the case for an item in update to be un-tickable?

    Apart from sources and signing keys for Ubuntu Lucid,
    my other sources (with signing keys) are:
    Ubuntu Lucid partner
    Virtualbox (Oracle)
    Scribus (debian archive)
    Can anyone put my mind at rest?
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