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Thread: clamav will not install after previous install purged

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    clamav will not install after previous install purged

    I'm kind of stumped on a clamav reinstall. I have been running clamav on this mail server for a couple of years using clamav-daemon. I decided to upgrade it; I purged it using apt-get. After doing so, it would not install without dependency errors in freshclam. I am running Lynx server and the repository version is clamav 0.96.5+dfsg-1ubuntu1.10.04.3. The clamav site said something about making sure there are no old files that conflict and that the init.d files were manually removed... so.... I deleted those and did another purge and reinstall. Now, the new clamav install is looking for the old and it is not there and it will not reinstall it.

    There is this old problem with not being found which is solved by ldconfig but this is not the issue as does not exist on this server.

    What I gather is that there are other leftover files or lib's that I don't know about or that do not un-install in the normal way and the new install expects them to already be there and doesn't reinstall or it's new counter part.

    The question... How can I get clamav to reinstall? How can I totally remove all remnants of it as if it was never installed? It's totally borked now and simply will not finish the install of freshclam. I am not new to Linux or Ubuntu and have a fair amount of experience but this is weird.

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