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Thread: Hobby Transition...

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    Hobby Transition...

    So... I'm thinking that I'm probably not the only one who's experienced this... but I'm going to assume that I am for the time being.

    Well... I've been a gamer for the last six years more or less and I only tend to play PC games, because I've never found the social side of consoles appealing (I like it when it's couch co-op/play... but the internet group on consoles scares me). That... and I like my computer, and always have.

    Lately, though, I've been wondering if I should pretend to be an adult more often and move into a more productive hobby (I'm 24 years old these days). I know that many of the more active posters on this forum aren't gamers (anymore?) and tend to be developers and whatnot... I was curious what pushed you towards programming or whatnot instead of just screwing around.

    I do have a degree (in Math... not Computer Science)... and I am currently in graduate school (for more Math, for some reason)... but I enjoy doing computer-y things, including developing (which I actually did for a year last year professionally), and I like learning. What kinds of things should I go into? What's a good gateway drug to the world of more tech-y nerd-isms rather than the game-y geek-isms?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much for any thoughts or advice that you may put down! (And no, this is not a topic prompted by the wife, though I'm sure that she'd like to see me move to something more productive as well.)

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    Re: Hobby Transition...

    I do game, on consoles, well the Xbox 360 anyway. As long as you can find a decent group of people to have on your friends list, the social aspect isn't that scary. I still don't jump into any random competitive games, as having your butt kicked by some 12 year old who knows every inch of every map just isn't fun.

    But there's plenty of co-op games on the Xbox 360 that i do open up to members of the public. It's a good way to meet new people to add to your friends list, and you know they're into the same sort of games as you are

    You're way to young to give up gaming - by all means, try out another hobby, get a bit more serious with programming (or 'doing code' as i understand programmers prefer to call it), but don't give up gaming entirely. It's a great escape from the modern high-pressure society we live in these days

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    Re: Hobby Transition...

    Gaming really isn't a bad thing. Cooperative games can bring you closer with friends. Console gaming is okay, if you make a point to play only with people you know in real life. It quickly expands your social life as you become closer friends with people you hardly knew while you build Minecraft castles and attempt Portal 2's co-op mode.

    As for a "gateway" type thing to get you hooked, go install Ubuntu on an old computer and go to town with it. Customize it and mess around with it until you break it. Then try using Linux on a daily basis. You'll realize you aren't completely satisfied with something someone else made, and you'll likely start dabbling with scripts to make things better.

    At least, that's how it all went for me.

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    Re: Hobby Transition...

    I love MMOs, but sadly dont have the time for them. I used to play WoW for years, but last expansion got were it was to much work and I got burned out on having to gear up each expansion just to get in a group to gear up??

    Looking forward to Guild Wars 2 though, hoping it will work with WINE.
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