I am starting this thread because I think the forum could be organized in a more intuitive / effective way.
I often find myself researching the forums for a solution to an existent problem because it is a great place to find pretty much everything related to Ubuntu. Most of the times, though, the posts are quite long and maybe the discussion started for outdated versions of Ubuntu, as well as many of the proposed solutions. This also means that sometimes I need to read pages and pages of information not related to the Ubuntu version I run.
I think the main divisions of the forum should be the Ubuntu versions. A user of 11.04 would first select that category and then find information related to it. A user of 12.04 will see post of people with questions/problems about that version only. I think this will save many of us a great deal of time, and will make the forums more user friendly. This approach will also allow the forum's administrator to put all the info about outdated/unsupported versions into a new category to allow people to find that information if they need to, but the main focus of the forum will be current versions.
Well, I hope this idea is a starting point of a discussion to make Ubuntu Forums even better.