Long, long ago, I used FVWM2. And I had NIS and NFS running, and I had different configurations for different hosts because my SunOS and Solaris hosts had different version of stuff than my Linux host.

I still have NIS and NFS running, and my network has slightly different versions of Linux, but they've all been Fedora variants. Until now. I have an Ubuntu host on the network. And Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 12.04 are just different enough that they seem to despise one anothers changes to my gnome 3 configuration files.

Is there any window manager than can play nice with this setup, say by allowing per-host configurations so that I don't have to have a 100% uniform installation across all the hosts in my network? Admittedly, it's a small home network, but the prospect of knowing that any upgrade has to be rapidly followed by upgrading all the hosts on the network is always going to be a painful prospect.

Of is fvwm2 the only thing out there that does this?