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Thread: MAAS Node Inside VirtualBox - Install Fails

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    MAAS Node Inside VirtualBox - Install Fails

    Hi all,

    Is is possible to install a MAAS node inside Virtual Box on the same physical machine that is running the MAAS controller? If not, is there another way to get a node running on the same box as the controller?

    When installing 12.04 as a MAAS node inside Vbox it correctly detected the MAAS server ( As soon as I advance to the next step the installation sends sigterms and shuts down.

    (Same problem as:

    Also, the web interface shows "Node added but never seen". I assume this node was 'added' from the installer inside the Vbox instance right before it decided to shut down.

    Thanks for any info!
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    Re: MAAS Node Inside VirtualBox - Install Fails

    Maybe not exact answer you were looking for, but here's walkthrough by MARCO CEPPI :

    Also note: I happily selected that option when the machine suddenly SIGKILLs all processes then powers off.

    and later: Each machine will turn off after successful setup and MAAS Dashboard will update.


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