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Thread: Gnome3 related desktops all broke after an update :(

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    Gnome3 related desktops all broke after an update :(

    Hey forum! I've actually had this issue for a while. When I was running 11.04 and upgraded to 11.10 I had no issues whatsoever with any of my desktops. Then at some point during 11.10 I did an update and started having issues with suspend and with programs that change the resolution when going full screen (I use mednafen to play nintendo, for example). When quitting a game or coming out of suspend all of my menu bars are all jumbled and weird and everything becomes EXTREMELY slow until I log off. If I don't run mednafen or try to suspend, everything seems to run fine, if a bit sluggish. When this issue started, 12.04 was only a few weeks away, so I stuck it out and upgraded. No difference at all. I tried switching graphics drivers and still no difference. Tried a fresh install and its still the same. This affects Unity, Gnome shell, and cinnamon. LXDE and XFCE seem to be functioning normally. Can't seem to find anyone else with a similar problem. Sorry this was so long but I figured a back story might help, lol.

    My specs:
    Dell Precision M90
    CPU: Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0 ghz
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce FX2500m
    4gb ddr2 ram
    Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit


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    Re: Gnome3 related desktops all broke after an update :(

    With that many upgrades and problems on all I think you might consider trying out 12.04 on a live cd or usb thumb and see if it is the same. If not, doing a install along-side with the broken setup and setting up the new 12.04 how you like it and dragging over your personal stuff to it.

    Kind of a hard fix maybe and may take a real geek with some patience to figure out what is wrong.

    Just a suggestion.

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    Re: Gnome3 related desktops all broke after an update :(

    Ha, I hear that. It actually didn't cross my mind to do a live session. I will try that tonight when I get a chance. I'll try in 32 and 64 bit versions. One thing I did notice though is that I have way less options to choose from as far as nvidia drivers. I had like 5 to choose from in 11.10 and only 2 in 12.04. Maybe I can try reverting to an old driver.

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