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Thread: What do you do to make pages for your website?

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    Re: What do you do to make pages for your website?

    I just read something shivering in my dutch-textbook (i live in the netherlands, remember?).
    There was an exercise that had to do with creating a webpage.
    First a bit about where the site goes (so good so far).
    Then they say (translated): "A site is build locally in a normal folder or usb drive and then uploaded to a webserver.", i could see why they say this, but i always build websites on a local webserver because you can't test php-scripts when running from a folder.
    Then they go on about the "free homepage" vs. "website".

    Finally they get to creating the content...
    They tell you to use ms word (with a small notice that others will usually do)!
    They tell you to create it in there and then use the "export html" option...
    I've seen the html that it produces...
    *cold, deep shiver at the memory*
    I know it's computer generated, but word produces even worse html with simple layouts (say, a text) then kompozer does with very complex layouts!
    It, for some reason, includes css-defs for EVERY SINGLE font it has, it doesn't matter if you use it or not.
    I mean, for a simple notice it produces 900-line html files where only 20 have any real value and you can cut out all the css w/o affecting the result!

    It made me shiver, to think that people actually create webpages this way!
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    Re: What do you do to make pages for your website?


    That my friend is a good example of why one would want to stay away from a WYSIWYG. Seems like the ones who make the best sites, tend to be the ones that do it themselves and learn it themselves.

    @lyk... Copy and paste the rest of the name here.

    I guess I can see where you are coming from, I mean the point of a WYSIWYG is the ability to make websites without having to mess with the code much... But in the end CSS makes it easy to make and customize a whole site with ease. Then all you really need is content to put in each page.

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    Re: What do you do to make pages for your website?

    Admittedly I haven't read the thread but any text editor with syntax higlighting is good. I personally just use leafpad or bluefish. I do wish notepad++ had a linux version.. that would be great.
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    Re: What do you do to make pages for your website?

    vim, sublime-text-2, inkscape, gimp.

    that's just about it.

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    Re: What do you do to make pages for your website?

    GViM, GIMP, Inkscape, HTML, CSS, Javascript/AJAX/JSON, Apache, Perl, SQLite, MySQL, ProgreSQL.

    I try to render as much as possible to static content so that downloads are as fast as possible and the browser can cache them.
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