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Thread: Problem with Ati driver on 12.04

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    Problem with Ati driver on 12.04

    I just upgraded to version 12.04 on my Kubuntu machine and since then I have a problem with my video card. I have a Ati Radeon hd 6450 video card that is connected vis the HDMI port to my Sharp TV that I use as a TV and also as monitor.

    On version 11.10 there was some issues with the refreshing rate and the resolution but by some adjustments I was able use the video card. I have this set up so I can switch from TV to PC at any time.

    When I upgrade to version 12.04 the problem is that every time that I swicht from PC to TV and back I lost the HDMI audio. Also when I turn off the TV the X sever stops sending signalling to the TV and basically I end up with a black screen.

    I am using the ATRI/AMD proprietary Fglrx driver from additional drivers section. Also I manually installed the ATI/AMD proprietary Fglrx driver post release updates since I was not able to install it from Jockey.

    I tried the open source radoen driver but I was not able to even get audio out and the resolution was terrible.

    I am using Kubuntu and the PC is a Dell Optiplex 740

    Any help will be greatly appreciate.


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    Re: Problem with Ati driver on 12.04

    You might find something helpful around here:

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