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Well, I have an old-ish ThinkPad T61 and Ubuntu 12.04 runs flawlessly with unity 3D. I can't comment on battery optimization because my battery is old and degraded.
Haha, I resemble this reply, because this is EXACTLY what I have: ThinkPad T61 running 12.04 64-bit, flawlessly. Same thing with the battery, I get two hours maximum battery life from a full charge. My experience with several ThinkPads is that they are awesome Linux laptops, more often than not everything just works. I wouldn't use anything else, except possibly Apple hardware (but on this I would run OS X).

Also, I have been a Mac user since 1986, and still use them daily, for work (print industry) and home. But I prefer to use Linux, usually sticking with Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Slackware, and Arch.