Hi everyone!

I've been working with Ubuntu for a while now and i still have one little issue with it.

I usually charge my laptop's battery and then discharge it completely after recharging it again. (I've got its life improved doing that believe it or not)

So when I'm on batteries, power goes to that point in which it reminds me to plug again my laptop after losing data, as i set it on the gnome's power settings. I still do not plug the pc yet.

Trouble is that, after a couple of minutes when batt power reaches some low-power percentage, GDM sends my system to suspension mode no matter if i set the system not to do so.

So i want to know if there is a way to disable that particular behavior of GDM. I mean: I still want to be able to suspend and hibernate my system, but only when I really need it to happen.

Being more specific:
¿How can I set my Lucid system into the suspension/hibernation modes EXCLUSIVELY ON MY DEMAND?

I hope I've explained myself.