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    Lightbulb Symphony - Shell evolved

    It all started early 2010 when I got tired of looking at the theme offerings of Ubuntu 10.04 and before.
    It wasn't particularly about the graphics of the desktop itself, but because the inconsistencies within the interface that made me decide to jump in and draw (and code) something myself.
    After envisioning this "better" theme for quite some time, Gnome 2 had come to an end and Canonical came with Unity to replace Gnome's new offering.
    Basically telling me to stop and revise everything.
    My initial project started of as the "Unity" theme, but as you all ready know somehow Canonical managed to use just that name to create there new shell for Ubuntu. Not suggesting anything just seems really coincidental..
    This switch to Gnome Shell and Unity made me rethink my idea's and vision.

    As I mentioned all over the Internet neither Gnome Shell and Unity are being happily accepted. Although both are starting to mature, they still lack somehow. That's where my ideas shifted from my initial goal.
    Instead of theming own of those new "experiences" I became fascinated by creating a new one. Rethinking all what was the Linux desktop and especially how it could be, use what is great and fix where they got it wrong.
    This also includes the general and consistent look and feel as well, which was my initial idea anyway.

    So to continue this journey I decided to re-energize and take this project a step further and create this new concept.
    Recreating, redefining and redesigning my previous efforts and the current leading desktop environments with the help of the community, with you guys!

    Giving birth to:

    Symphony (Click on the logo for it's website)

    But I do want input from all you guys! So please help me/us to redefine the Ubuntu (Linux) desktop.
    If you have any experience with either of the interfaces stated below, feel free to constructively criticize and appraise it.

    - What do you (dis)like about Gnome Shell and why?
    - What do you (dis)like about Unity and why?
    - What do you (dis)like about KDE and why?
    - What do you miss from Gnome 2 and why?

    And to take other platforms into account:
    - What do you (dis)like about the Windows 8 Metro interface?
    - What do you (dis)like about the OS/X interface?
    - What do you (dis)like about the IOS interface?
    - What do you (dis)like about the Android interface?

    Project website (Look for the concept explanation for now):

    Some impressions what I was / am after and attempted before:

    Ubuntu WIKI Unity Theme:
    Old Threads Unity Theme:
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