Recently I got a Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Medium which has been working perfectly with Kubuntu 12.04, except for one issue.
The reason I think this problem relates to the tablet is because I never experienced this problem until I started using the wacom. I have my wacom plugged into it's own USB port, I also have a usb keyboard and a usb mouse each one plugged into seperate ubs ports (in other word no USB hubs). I can generally use the wacom without encountering the HID freezing problem but on some occasions the wacom, mouse and keyboard just simply freeze. I also have an external HDD and an external sound device also plugged into seperate USB ports, however when the HID's freeze if I'm listening to music (playing from my USB HDD through my USB sound device) the music does not seem to be effected. In other words the freeze does not seem to effect all USB devices only the HID's.
Initially I had the wacom plugged into a USB 3 port (for no reason other than availability of the port) but thought this might have been causing the problem. SO I changed the wacom to a USB 2 port and I'm still having the problem.
It's a bit of a schlep because everytime I have the freeze problem the only thing I can do is hard reset my computer (as I have no keyboard functionality).
My keyboard is a Logitech wireless and my mouse is Microsoft wireless (if that helps?).
This is the first problem I've encountered with the wacom device, although I have not tried mapping the buttons on the tablet to any special settings or anything other than basic usage.