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Thread: lacie hard drive issues

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    lacie hard drive issues

    I'm new to this forum and I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place....

    I have a 2 terabyte (it's actually 2 one terabyte removable drives) LaCie network hard drive. It died about a month ago and after a two week back and forth with a LaCie CS rep I decided to make my own attempt to recover the data. I have a feeling the issues isn't the drives but rather the hardware that the drives mount in. I purchased a Sabrent external drive kit to see if i could get the drive to mount to my MacBook Pro, but no luck. The drives power up with no problem and with no usuaul noise. I can see both drives in Disk Utility but only have the format option.

    Any body have any suggestions?


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    Re: lacie hard drive issues

    Do you have an Ubuntu Linux installation or live CD to try this with?

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