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Thread: SSH connection through citrix server

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    SSH connection through citrix server

    I need to connect to my Ubuntu machine at work, when I'm at home or abroad. I have been told by the administrator that I only can connect through the citrix server. I have installed the citrix client, so that I can connect when I log in on via the Firefox applet.

    The administrator has then made Putty available for me, so that I can connect to my terminal on my computer. This works OK...

    My question is if it is possible to tunnel an SSH connection through the citrix server, so that I can connect from my Ubuntu on my laptop without the Firefox (and the windows terminal with putty) and also get acces via sftp in nautilus??

    In Putty I can set up tunneling of ports, but this tunneling will only be from my work computer via SSH tunnel to the Citrix server right??? Can I use this tunnel in any clever way to forward ports etc?

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    Question Re: SSH connection through citrix server

    Have you found a solution?
    I am struggling with this Citrix, why company always have to waste money in things which can be simpler and cheaper?

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