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Thread: Unity crash leaves me stranded - PRECISE

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    Red face Unity crash leaves me stranded - PRECISE

    Just did a "fresh" install of Precise (12.04) over a lucid LTS box. It's a Dell C521 with Nvidia graphics (which I think may be part of the problem). I'm not sure which driver I'm using , so information to locate that would be welcome. as it stands I'm stuck looking at the desktop and navigating from there to applications - more likely clicking a document to launch the associated app. the Unity 2D fallback works okay , but I'm pretty frustrated about this install. I guess what I really wanted was to keep all my users, but ditch the programs, drivers, interface for something new (latest LTS). even the users aren't linked properly, but that's a different question it seems.

    If it helps, when I first booted up I got an error stating that I should upgrade 'compiz-core'.

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    Re: Unity crash leaves me stranded - PRECISE

    That sounds like you did not complete the upgrade properly.

    Try doing the.....

    sudo update
    sudo upgrade
    thing ... to make sure you are fully up to date.

    To get a terminal command to put its output into a file use this format
    {terminal command} > {filename}

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    Re: Unity crash leaves me stranded - PRECISE

    I already went ahead with apt-get update, apt-get upgrade. I ended up deactivating the restricted nvidia driver which seems to work well for my use. For those who want to know how it's under "system settings > Additional drivers" A search for "driver" in dash should do the trick.

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