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Thread: Gimp 2.8 update?

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    Re: Gimp 2.8 update?

    Have a look in the Software Center: there is a button in the top panel called "All Software", with a little arrow for a drop down menu which allows you to choose between browsing "All Software", "Canonical Partners", etc, and also lists your PPAs.
    I have installed Gimp through the same PPA; under this drop down menu, I can find otto-kesselgulasch's PPA under the name "gimp": if I click on it, I can browse *only* the packages that are in this PPA repository (i.e. the GIMP and a few graphics utilities).

    Check there. And I think you have to remove Gimp 2.6 before installing 2.8.
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    Re: Gimp 2.8 update?

    as suggested i removed the old version of gimp. and my system went fubaar(fouled up beyond almost all repair)! oh my, how could i be so stupid!

    i repaired things by upgrading to 12.04 (note to self update your profile, you git!).

    then installed the gimp as described in post #4. woot! i got gimp 2.8 now.

    thanks to everybody for the help. the fubar part of things is of course entirely my fault
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