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Thread: multiple monitors with different virtual desktops

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    multiple monitors with different virtual desktops

    I am running XFCE but I assume this concept would apply to any desktop/wm...

    I have two monitors and the options seem to be:
    1) mirror displays to both screens
    2) have a large virtual desktop (workspace) that spans the two screens
    3) have each screen have its own set of workspaces and apps can't be dragged between them

    I would like to have another option. Lets say I have 4 workspaces. Screen 1 is on the left and screen 2 is on the right. I want screen 1 to have workspace 1 and screen 2 to have workspace 2. Then if I move the workspaces, I have workspace 2 on screen 1 and workspace 3 on screen 2. If I did it again it would be w3 on s1 and w4 on s2... then w4 on s1 and w1 on s2... etc. Windows can't span workspaces but they can be moved between them and I would assume the mouse cursor can only be active on one workspace but if I could move it over that would be awesome also. Anyone know if there's a way to do this?

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    Re: multiple monitors with different virtual desktops

    Hm....I can't think of any way to do this. But I am interested to see what some fellow Ubuntu forums users have to say about this. Looking forward to seeing some solutions to this.

    Only thing I could think of was the computer running different sessions, but that solution would not be able to rotate the work spaces as you wished...


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