Hello all,
I just got Kubuntu 12.04 32-bit installed on my HP Folio 13 laptop.
Everything is working quite well on it so far, except for Netbeans.

This laptop has a Synaptics ClickPad, and I have it set up to right click with a three-finger tap. Two-finger tapping is configured to do nothing.
This works correctly throughout KDE, and other applications like Firefox, but something is messed up in Netbeans.

Not only does two-finger tapping cause a right click in Netbeans, but generally, two-finger scrolling registers as a tap, as well.
I tried the version of Netbeans in the repos, 7.0.1, and I tried installing the latest from the Netbeans website as well, 7.1.2.
No dice. Both versions have the erratic right-click behavior.

Has anyone else experienced something similar, or better yet, does anyone know of a fix for this?

Thanks in advance!