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Thread: 12.04 Update disabled Touchpad + Mouse

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    Post 12.04 Update disabled Touchpad + Mouse

    Hello Everybody,
    today i have updated from 11.04 to 12.04. and from earlier Updates I knew that my beautyfull, over month grown, Design will be gone. (cairo-dock as Desktop or shell or how is it called )
    I thought I can do it again even nicer so I pressed the "Update To 12.04" button
    (thank you for pressing the Self-Destruct-Button)
    But now I have a total unexpected problem: the Touchpad and the USB-mouse doesnt work anymore.
    By searching the Web for "ubuntu 12.04 mouse not working" I found a lot of questions about this, but no answer.
    It would be so nice if anybody could help me.

    I have a HP Laptop with a AMD 4200+ and 4GB Ram and ATI Graphix

    Forgive me my bad english and the slightly sarcastic undertone, but until yesterday everything was fine
    just used Ubuntu for Internet and Office purposes and Win7 for making Music so I could cry...

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    Re: 12.04 Update disabled Touchpad + Mouse

    Not so many answers at once please.
    Real great community you have here.
    Seems that Ubuntu 12.04 is one big Bug.
    So I give up with this stupid non working
    Ubuntu. All my Data is gone thanks Ubuntu.
    Goodbye forever

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