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Thread: Laptop Keeps Crashing

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    Laptop Keeps Crashing

    I'm not sure if this is Ubuntu's problem or a hardware problem but since this morning, my laptop keeps crashing. Always, whenever it happens, any audio which happened to be playing kept going but everything else freezes up. Other times, I can still browse any window that was open before it crashes, but Unity shuts down completely, i.e. no toolbar, flag key doesn't work, Terminal keyboard short-cut doesn't work.

    If it helps, I'm using a System 76 laptop, Intel® Core™ i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.40GHz × 8 and 32-bit 12.04 LTS. No graphics card.

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    Re: Laptop Keeps Crashing

    Welcome to the forums! I'm wondering if maybe resetting your Unity might fix the problem.
    unity  --reset


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