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Thread: Problem adding Apps to Sidebar - 12.04 64bit

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    Problem adding Apps to Sidebar - 12.04 64bit

    When trying to add Ubuntu Software Center to the sidebar yesturday it would just put a blank spot on the bar where the icon should be. Right clicking it would not show all the options. The same thing has happened with other apps.

    Screenshot included

    Today when trying to add it it wouldnt even make a spot for it at all. When I open the app it opens fine but does not appear on the sidebar at all so I cant pin.

    Any suggestions? I gotta say I wish there was extended support for 11.10 because 12.04 is just FULL of bugs bugs bugs. I've never had some many in any OS before. Not even windows.

    P.S. Yes I have already tried putting my sidebar size back to the default setting and the same thing happens.
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    Re: Problem adding Apps to Sidebar - 12.04 64bit

    Only thing I can think of right now is to try to reset unity and icons.See this.
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