adido, in case you didn't find a solution yet, I am detailing here Ionescu's advice that worked perfectly fine for me:

After you install the package (I understand you did this), you go into Settings Manager (right-click on the desktop or menu/Settings/Settings Manager), click on the Keyboard, go on the Layout tab (the third one, on top) and check "use system defaults"; you will need to logout and logon again if you change this. Then you right-click on the upper panel, go to "Panel" command, choose "Add new items", then you select the "Keyboard Layouts" addon from the list. The addon will show on the panel.
You right-click this addon -- initially with a flag on it -- and choose "Properties". In the new open window you can set all the details. Here you can choose how to "Change layout option" (what key to press to do that), you can add new "Keyboard layouts" in a lower section (I added here Romanian and French layouts) etc.
Good luck and thank you again, King Ionescu