So I found out that the default gnome-shell wallpaper, and one of the wallpapers supplied with Ubuntu itself, both change based on the time of day. That is really nice.

So after some trial and error and a lot of searching and asking around, I figured out how to make my own .xml (having to make an extra .xml just to list the wallpapers used really threw me off! didn't know that existed).

However, when I try to test it, by changing the system time, the wallpaper does not update. Doesn't change. Not on its own, anyways. If I go to 'change desktop wallpaper', it's updated in the wallpaper list, if i switch to another wallpaper then BACK to it, it will be updated!

Now, I had it set last night around 2am, I closed the laptop lid (which puts it in sleep mode) and went to sleep. When I woke up, 10am, woke the laptop up... it was still the state it was in at 2am! Once again, I went into 'change desktop background' and in the list, it was the proper 10am look!

So is there something wrong with the live update of wallpapers, or is there some sorta long delay before it'll change on its own when the time changes? If so, is that configurable somewhere?