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Thread: VLC: slow start if folder has lots of files

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    VLC: slow start if folder has lots of files

    xubuntu 12.04 (installed on a notebook and a netbook)
    vlc 2.0.1

    i have a network disk with lots of video files.
    if i play a video in a subfolder with only that file, everything works good.
    if i play a video in a folder with lots of video files vlc starts quickly but the playing begins after nearly 2 minutes!

    it's not a cache issue (it would have been problematic in both cases).
    i've disabled mkv preload, opening subfolder and media gathering informations but the issue is still there.
    it seems that vlc tries to do something with the other files in that folder... but what?

    edit: the -v flag doesn't help
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