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you might find its still not completely back how ever it only takes one or two files not installed or configured to make a big problem ..

just so you know in the end if you decide to do a fresh install you can still get files with Live CD by mounting you home or rot directory and doing copy and paste if you boot with CD you cane copy Mucic piture documents and such to a flash drive ...

you have been at it with Ubuntu longer then me I have only been using this about going on 3 months but I have used linux since 97 off and on mostly red hat and mostly web servers and tehn mostly logged in them from outside installing and updating pages .. once the server was running tried to leave it alone as much as possible
Ok, almost everything seems back, the one steam game still won't work though. I'm going to try installing IE8 and flash back into the same wine-bubble thing.

I hope it's something that can be fixed, updating everything again will take about 2-3 days as I've downloaded and configured tens of gigs of games (probably in a region of about 50GB) in steam that were working fine before this update. I probably have about 100GB of info on this machine in total, the last thing I want to do is move it all somewhere and move it back :c

I used Fedora a little in College, some Ubuntu variants until finding Ubuntu the one for me. Windows XP/7 are ok but I'm not as fussed on them. I've not used anything deeper than desktop computing really

Thanks for all your help. I'll keep posting my progress.