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Thread: Starling will not complete restart (reboot) cycle

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    Starling will not complete restart (reboot) cycle

    I have a first generation Starling (star1) that I've just updated to 12.04. (All software is up-to-date; the System 76 drivers have been reinstalled.) The 'restart' command that is offered at shutdown causes the computer to begin its shutdown procedure, but then it just stops: the screen goes black but the power remains on. It does not reboot. Pressing the power button shuts down the computer. Pressing the power button a second time will boot the machine. 'sudo reboot' and 'sudo shutdown -r now' yield similar incomplete results.

    Any idea what might cause this, and how to work around it?


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    Re: Starling will not complete restart (reboot) cycle

    I have the exact same problem on 12.04.

    And why does the fricken weather indicator keep crash if I keep the machine running.

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