Hi Everyone,

I have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.04 on my Lenovo x61s laptop. So far everything has been working very well. I need to connect to my work's microsoft exchange server. I downloaded and installed the evolution-mapi package, and used this to set up my Evolution email client.
Since this was the first time I set it up, i understand that it took a LONG TIME to download all my inbox information. I can see that all of my inbox information is now loaded. However the problem is here:

At the bottom of the screen there are message boxes for various operatons, usually "Retrieving message..." or "Fetching Summary..." .

1) Many of these operations freeze and hang forever. They will not close when I click the red "X".

2) The only way I can shut down the program is buy killing it.

3) When I try to view a message in my inbox, it just says "Retrieving message..." forever.

4) When I write an email and try to send it, I get this error message: "The reported error was 'Could not send message.'.". It asks to try again or save to outbox.

5) Send/ Recieve does nothing, no progress on the progress bar.

In the past I have set up evolution and it worked nicely... I would like to use it, does anyone know how I can trouble shoot this?