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Thread: Unity greeter wallpaper

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    Re: Unity greeter wallpaper

    I have the opposite problem: how do I prevent users from changing the greeter wallpaper?

    We have a bunch of Ubuntu 12 boxes set up as web kiosks in our school library, and they are pretty thoroughly locked down. Any changes a user makes to the desktop environment will be wiped at logout - except, if a user changes their wallpaper, the change persists as the greeter wallpaper!

    What file or directory do I have to lock or delete to prevent this?

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    Re: Unity greeter wallpaper

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluenoser81 View Post
    In order to get your desktop background not to overrule the default value in unity-greeter.conf, you will want to have your desktop background stored somewhere where lightdm can't access before login
    Thanks for posting this. I did this and I was able to restore my desired configuration of having a separate Unity greeter wallpaper image shown from my desktop wallpaper image.



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