Yesterday, I installed Ubuntu 12. Apart from installing programs (why is there no small program unzipping .tar.gz for me?), I dont regret my decision.

One small, yet unnerving thing:
Sometimes, when I listen to music, it just kind of freezes. Like when an LP gets stuck. And when I move my cursor, it unfreezes again. So, no big problem, but really annoying when you're on your bed listening to music and have to get up to get the music going again
Freezing music happens most often on and

(Oh, and one other small thing: When I'm watching cartoons, after 10mins, Ubuntu slowly starts to darken the screen until the monitor is eventually fully dark. Why does Ubuntu not recognize I'm watching something like Windows does? (I know I can change energy settings to 1h or so, but I want Ubuntu to recognize Im watching movies.))