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Thread: 'Device not ready' state to all of my network adapters

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    Angry 'Device not ready' Message to D-Link DFE-580TX Wired Network Adapters.

    Hi all,

    Strangely that my 3 Quad port network adapters can be recognised when I write the 'ifconfig' command, but they all seem to be in 'Device not ready' state when I click on the networking tab at the toolbar (please see pictures below).

    At the 'System Setting' they all seem to be recognised but again, their state doesn't change when I plug a network cable into them.

    Could anybody advise if there is a solution to this problem? I'm a new Linux user (Have been using it for the past month).

    The network adapters I have are the D-Link DFE-580TX.

    From the Toolbar menu, it says that it's a 'Wired Network (D-Link DL 10050 Sundance Ethernet).

    Thank you all.

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