Hi all, I have a Samsung 700z3a laptop.
This laptop has a 8Gb SSD (sdb) and a 750Gb HDD (sda)

I was used to install on sda (SSD) the root folder (/) and on my HDD (sda) the /home, /var and swap.

I did it with 11.10 and one time with 12.04. It worked awesome, very fast and nice. After some random test with configuration (with kernel and other but not boot) and more I had to reinstall my OS but this time if I install as usual I am not able to make it work. The laptop doesn't see any bootable device.
I spend some time and I realized I can make Ubuntu work only if I install all the system on "/dev/sda" with the standard partition. If I try to install with my partion definitio won't work.

What could it be? I have no idea! It seems like grub doesn't work but the installation is able to make it work if i don't touch the partition by myaself.