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Thread: Doing a fresh kubuntu install

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    Question Doing a fresh kubuntu install

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to update to the new Kubuntu version, and I was told that it's best to do a clean install (install from scratch from a CD) rather than just upgrade.

    Of course I know I have to transfer over my music, documents, etc., and I have those all backed up on a hard drive. I'm just worried about losing my settings. I want to keep things like my accounts, saved passwords, etc. Would it be enough to copy my .kde folder over to the new kubuntu? Or are there other folders I need to copy too?

    Thanks for the help.

    - Mark

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    Re: Doing a fresh kubuntu install

    If you're going to do a fresh installation in order to escape the upgrade risk, copying old config files from the previous installation could cause some of the issues upgrades usually case. It's best to just start from scratch, or just upgrade instead of trying to save old config. Upgrades are sometimes perfect, or sometimes they mess things up. I personally have never had an issue with upgrades. I usually use something like bleach bit to clean my system to get rid of anything that will cause issues after upgrading.

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