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Thread: HOWTO: Create 12.04 Persistent & Backtrack 5 USB

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    [SOLVED] HOWTO: Create 12.04 Persistent & Backtrack 5 USB

    Yeah, FlyingSilverFin that was some good sleuthing, and this USB boot drive rocks! Thanks for the handy guide.

    To wrap this up in case anyone is reading this thread, I would say nothing to worry about here, just stick with the original post #1 - *except* the following:
    I recommend putting a note about setting the boot flag in the original post.

    And here are a few side notes.

    1. For the record a "read-only" error appears when copying an iso (Backtrack iso in the code below). This error can be ignored.
      $ sudo mount -o loop /path/to/Backtrack/image.iso /media/iso
      mount: warning: /media/iso seems to be mounted read-only.
    2. I could not do this
      create a file /media/USBDRIVE/boot/grub/grub.cfg
      because the partition was full. Root cause is that when I specified "4GB" gparted took it as 4GB maximum, which ended up being about 3.75GB. You reported 4.25GB. I contemplated making the swap file 1300MB instead of this
      $ dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/USBDRIVE/casper-rw bs=1M count=1500
      but decided to start all over again because I want the extra swap space, and the ~10GB partition is plenty big anyway.
    3. Finally, there is a "grain of truth" to the .lz versus .gz typo: this file does exist for Backtrack.

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