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Thread: Strange wireless/network manager problems

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    Strange wireless/network manager problems

    Hi everyone,

    I recently installed Xubuntu 11.10 on an old medion pentium4 pc we have at home. The system has a ralink wireless adapter(25xx something model) on the motherboard. The adapter is recognized.

    Now I'm having trouble establishing a proper network connection via any wireless adapter. I tried following devices:

    - Onboard chip which is mentioned above and normally supported by Ubuntu.

    - Atheros based TP-Link PCI wireless adapter (TL-WN851N) which uses ath9k driver and functions perfectly on my brothers pc (xubuntu 11.10/ win7 dual boot).

    -Dlink DWA 131 (USB) which also functions perfectly under Ubuntu 12.04 and Xubuntu 11.10 on the other pc.

    The crazy thing is that i can perfectly connect to the internet by using these commands for the TP-Link card:

    - ifconfig wlan1 up
    - iwconfig essid "networkname"
    - dhclient wlan1

    After using these 3 commands as superuser i get a perfect connection to the internet but the networkmanager still shows no connection and sais that all my devices are disabled by a hardware switch. So now I need to use these commands every time I reboot. And just putting this in a script is no solution because Software center doesn't work (It seems to rely on data from network manager).

    Sidenote I already did:

    - rfkill unblock all
    - rfkill list all

    This shows that only the onboard wlan was disabled by hard- or software switch.

    I also installed 12.04 but have yet to try it. It'll most likely be the same though. During the install I couldn't choose an acces point to connect to only a Wifi device to use.

    I can supply more details from iw/ipconfig if need be.

    I also installed windows driver with ndiswrapper now. It also recognizes the hardware but I don't know if or how I should use this driver.

    All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance, Jors.

    Edit: Just reading the sticky on ndiswrapper and some other thread gonna try some more with that tomorrow.
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