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Thread: Desktop VMs in the Cloud?

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    Desktop VMs in the Cloud?

    Hello there,

    I'll briefly explain what I'm trying to achieve, but I'm not sure if its possible, so can anyone advise me on this?

    Firstly, I want to set up a small cluster of identical servers, and then run Virtual Machines on them serving Ubuntu Desktop to a thin client.

    I am aware I can set this up with Ubuntu LTSP, but I'm looking for a solution that means I can use the virtual machine from anywhere, not just lan.

    I also would like it to do some kind of load balancing, so the load is spread evenly as if it was just one server.

    Finally, I would like it so that the remote machines can be started and shutdown just as it was a normal operating system on a normal pc, remembering all the data ect stored with each virtual machine.

    Any advice / questions welcome, and thankyou to all.

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    Re: Desktop VMs in the Cloud?

    I have the same question. ...all the info on cloud virtualization is server based. How to do desktop clients?

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    Re: Desktop VMs in the Cloud?

    I've just joined this sub-forum as I start to experiment with ubuntu in the cloud.

    Although this thread is a couple of months old I found this useful blog I'm starting to follow to convert my ubuntu 10.10 instance into desktop in the cloud..


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