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Thread: Add Printers>>>Select HP>>>LOCKS Up

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    Add Printers>>>Select HP>>>LOCKS Up

    My printers were installed and working and then disappeared for some reason. I went to install them over the network again (Samba) and I could select the driver for Canon no problem but as soon as I click HP in the options it locks up.

    Also, curious (not complaining but curious) why it actually has to have the information provided instead of auto installing like with Windows? It's sort of like going back in time where everything needed a CD (not quite that bad lol)

    But it's strange what's happening with the System Printer Install Menu.

    The weird thing is it seems to be ONLY HP. Not sure why. Maybe something to do with my printers disappearing in the first place?

    EDIT: Ok, got it to work, maybe it just took a while to load. Not sure. Still not sure why they disappeared though.
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