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Thread: LibreOffice3.5 broken - no text in options menus

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    Exclamation LibreOffice3.5 broken - no text in options menus

    Hi, everyone.

    This is the first time I've tried to use LibreOffice since the 12.04 upgrade, and I have problem with it: When I open any of the settings or options windows, there's no text in the options menus. This affects ALL settings dialogs. I can't change anything or work with any documents because of this.

    LO3.5 was updated in the repos on April 28. Connected?

    To fix, I purged all LO files, then reinstalled from Software Center. I thought the issue might be related to the installation of LO in the /opt/ directory before the upgrade... that that installation might be conflicting with the new one. Nothing fixed.

    Screenshot attached.

    Anyone else having this major issue?
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