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Thread: Can I make my camcorder a webcam?

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    Question Can I make my camcorder a webcam?

    How can I get my camcorder to be a webcam?

    My camcorder is Toshiba Camileo x100

    My laptop is Gateway TA6

    My operating system is Ubuntu 12.04

    This camcorder connects to the laptop via USB. When doing so, it switches to charging mode. The green light, on the cam, flashes, because it's charging. When it is charging, it is basically off. The camcorder's touch screen doesn't turn on when it is charging. Which means I can't record or take pictures or go into the options.

    After switching to the VGA mode, on the cam, Skype still did not detect any capturing devices. Cheese wasn't able to detect a webcam either. I went into the cam's folders on my PC, & enabled sharing. I went to user & settings & enabled the ability to use capturing devices & everything else. I am the administrator on my PC. I am without the CD(s) that came with the cam. I must have lost them. But after looking at the manual, I don't think any of the programs there would be able help anyways.

    I downloaded other webcam programs. None of them picked up a webcam. I am looking for firmware drivers, or anything that can get this camcorder to work as a webcam. My laptop doesn't have an HDMI input. Any ideas?
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