I've packaged working freeNX in my warty-extras repository (see the Backports forum).

It's currently undergoing beta-testing in the -staging tree, I'll have it out of there by Jan 10th.
Thanks! That backport worked great. I installed it last night and installed the windows client for my 2000 box at home. I was able to connect on my Lan no problem. I can't believe how fast this is. Much better than VNC. I just have a couple questions.

1. How secure is this? I know that this needs SSH running but I'm confused about security. When I create the Windows client session there is an option to use SSL for all traffic. I am able to connect with SSL on and off. Is this connection secure? And what about leaving this open to I can connect from work. Is that safe?

2. How do I get this to start at bootup?

Thanks for your help.