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Thread: HOW-TO: Build Unity with 'Dodge Windows' and minimize/unminimize behavior

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    Re: HOW-TO: Build Unity with 'Dodge Windows' and minimize/unminimize behavior

    Quote Originally Posted by mackuz View Post
    This is really great! It brought back my interest in life

    But what will happen when Unity team will release an update or a new version?
    And what will happen if only patch is installed from GIT?
    If you're building and installing this from my Github, I believe the local install will overtake any version of Unity.

    If you're using the PPA, I'll attempt to patch the latest stable release of Unity and put packages up on the PPA.

    EDIT: I have some updates coming soon. Unfortunately, it's finals week, so I'm preparing for those. There were some bugs mentioned in this thread that I have fixed. For those using the "compile from source" method, you should already have those fixes.
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