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Thread: Sceen saver and autolog out

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    Sceen saver and autolog out

    In Precise there appears to be two session managers after the screensaver has kicked in.

    The first one looks like Unity and it only has a single prompt for my password. The second one shows all of the accounts on the machine.

    When deactivating the screensaver I seem to be coming back randomly to one of these to session managers. If I get the Unity one I can log back in without problem. If I get the all account one, when I log back in all of my apps are closed and I'm in a new session.

    How do I stop the second one from logging me out and losing all of my open apps? I've tried every setting I can think of in System Settings.

    This is behavior that changed in Precise.

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    Re: Sceen saver and autolog out

    The machine is on AC power and set to not suspend.

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