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Thank you for the info and the bug report you posted, OzzyFrank.

I have a question about the mencoder option in DeVeDe:

Are you experiencing any issues whith stuttering video after encoding a DVD with mencoder? I can confirm that switching to mencoder produces a DVD with working menu, but unfortunately, when I play the DVD, the playback stutters significantly (only video not audio). This is not the case when using ffmpeg.

I have tried mencoder on both my laptop and my desktop and I get the same mencoder results on both
OK, I haven't actually done any encoding in DeVeDe since upgrading, just the authoring - but no issues (which there wouldn't be, since I haven't done any encoding - then again, who would have thought changing the encoder would solve an authoring issue). I only use DeVeDe for encoding problem clips FFMPEG can't seem to handle via tovidGUI (so for those instances I use Mencoder in DeVeDe).

OK, unless I am truly mistaken, I am pretty sure I saw a Mencoder update in the last set of updates - and I'm thinking it was after I added the Medibuntu repositories again, so check that out - it could be the answer.

Also, I'd go to the DeVeDe forum and post your woes there - there doesn't seem to be an actual bug report section, so just start a new thread. I don't think you need to be a Launchpad member (though it pays to become one so you can file bug reports for Ubuntu, Nautilus, and other Linux stuff) - I believe you just have to log into Google Groups. It seriously is worth doing so, as filing bug reports at the Ubuntu Forums will only get you so far.

And as for DeVeDe, the more people posting similar problems, the more likely it will be resolved. And as I said, it pays to do so - once I just posted I'd really (I mean REALLY) like the menu margins not to be so far in, as it really messes things up (once you got to adding about 6 titles, there seemed to be no difference between Top, Bottom or Centre!). It didn't seem like anyone else was bothered by this, and I never got a response, yet in the last version, we now have full control over margins.