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Thread: 12.04 nvidia drivers? Compiz test failed.

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    Re: 12.04 nvidia drivers? Compiz test failed.

    Quote Originally Posted by bogan View Post
    Hi!, Superhoop, You Posted:First, you do not need to be scared of pressing: 'Crtl+Alt+F1', as you can get back to the GUI from there by pressing: 'Crtl+Alt+F7'.

    I have not heard before of a garbled terminal screen, when the login screen is OK; If Ubuntu runs OK, is the only problem that you get the garbled Terminal screen? or is ubuntu also garbled? and is the login prompt of the tty also garbled?.

    The default driver for an Nvidia card, in the 12.04 installation, is the nouveau/mesa driver, which the lspci command shows you are using. the v 173 driver should only be installed if you go to 'Additional Drivers'/'Jockey' and choose to activate it.

    However, I have to admit that the last time I installed 12.04.1-generic-pae, it chose to install 173, which messed up my graphics: [ an nvidia 7650 GS ].

    This is normal with 12.04.1, mine does the same going to the login screen after a few seconds of a black blank screen after the 'No Signal' message shows momentarily; it is a 'feature', not a bug or a failure. - not to worry!

    If I understand your system description, you have both a Wubi installatio of 12.04, and a direct installation on a separate HDD or USB. If that is correct, do they both behave the same.

    I suggest:

    1.: Try pressing 'Crtl+Alt+t', [or enter 'term' in the Dash search box] and see if you get a proper Terminal Window. Either way, from whatever terminal, enter:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get clean
    sudo apt-get autoremove
    sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*
    and reboot.[ That will ensure there are no conflicting driver elements. Though if you did a clean removal & reinstall since you tried to load any extra drivers, it should not be necessary.]

    2.: You did not say if you get a grub boot menu, but if you do, highlight the main ubuntu entry and press 'e' to display the grub boot script.

    Then navigate the cursor to the end of the script line that begins with: 'Linux /boot...', add 'nomodeset', after 'quiet splash', & press 'Crtl+x' to boot. Report how it goes.

    3.: If your computer boots & runs ubuntu OK from a LiveCD/USB, do a clean install to the second drive [D].

    Chao!, bogan.

    I have just a single installation of Ubuntu on d: and Win 7 on c: I would like to ditch Windoze but sadly my line of works means I need it for some things.

    If I hit CTL+ALT+F1 I get into the terminal screen which is totally weird. It looks like a photo negative with backward test. If I press CTL+ALT+F7 it will not exit this screen/terminal. It just stays there and if I reboot or power off reboot it always comes back to the garbled terminal screen That is why I just removed Ubuntu and then reinstalled it.

    I believe Grub is like the boot loader? Sorry if that seems stupid but I am a newbie. I am not sure if I have that on this. I recall reading somewhere I should use the WUBI version for installation to allow me an easy dual boot.

    I'm not on the PC with Ubuntu until later and then I will try the code you suggested.

    I think that's it?

    Thanks again I really appreciate your help



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    Re: 12.04 nvidia drivers? Compiz test failed.

    Hi!, Superhoop,

    A WUBI install is only intended for short term trial purposes, allowing an easy way to install AND remove, as if it were an ordainary Windows program.

    I am not that familiar with Wubi installs, but I would expect on booting , after the Bios screen you would get a Boot option screen offering Windows or Ubuntu. If you then choose Ubuntu, a grub menu would list all the options available.

    When only one version of Ubuntu is installed, this menu will not show, but the system will boot automatically to the first entry set as default - as in your case.

    However this can be over-ridden by pressing 'Shift' during this stage of the boot sequence. You should then see the OS's available, including a recovery mode for Ubuntu, and be able to use the code I suggested, by pressing 'e' with an Ubuntu entry highlighted.

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on, and whether it will boot OK and run correctly from a LiveCD/USB. Chao!, bogan.
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    Re: 12.04 nvidia drivers? Compiz test failed.

    Hi folks...

    A new 64bit driver is available 295.75

    I'm on the 304.43 driver

    I tried out the 295.75 driver to decide that it is unstable... for me.. 304.43 - is closer to perfect..

    Last edited by Gstrazds; September 7th, 2012 at 10:22 PM. Reason: correct driver version

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