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Thread: kubuntu 12 LTS, grey screen at startup

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    kubuntu 12 LTS, grey screen at startup


    I have just installed Kubuntu 12 LTS. After Grub boot screen appears correctly the system does not start properly. It freezes on an empty grey screen.

    I tryed a system rescue with my install dvd but it freezes too. Actually I had to choose nomodset when I installed Kubuntu to boot the live cd otherwise it froze as well. But using nomodeset i managed to use live CD to install without any issue.

    But maybe there is a relation between the fact that i could not boot normaly the live cd or use the live cd to make a system rescue and the fact that now I cannot boot at all (after Grub pops up normally... so it s not a boot loader issue). It looks like in both cases the system does not want to load...

    Any suggestions ?


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    Re: kubuntu 12 LTS, grey screen at startup

    I just had to add nomodeset to the grub boot command

    in grub press "e" to edit how to boot your system then add nomodeset after quiet splash.

    to save changes edit grub file.


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