Hi all:

Well, at least for my wife, Linux is becoming a reality for her. Her laptop died, and I'm going to have to put her on the desktop. For reasons I won't mention, Windows is out of the question for her.

Now I've been working in a Virtual Machine, allowing me to perfect the configuration of Ubuntu 12.04 that the desktop will eventually be set to. Now, I've not all but one item done, and that is that I neet to ask here.

I want to setup a one-way sync of her Ubuntu One "account". Specifically, all changes made to the desktop computer Ubuntu, of the folders specified, is copied to the cloud/Ubuntu One server account. In this way there is "off-site" storage. My preferred methods, in order are:

1. As she save information to the Ubuntu One folder, it is automatically copied up to the server. But any changes to the server copy isn't copied back. This will allow her not to have to anything special, except save the files to the proper folder.

2. The second, but least desirable method is to create a backup, and push it to the cloud drive, again automatically. But any changes to the server copy isn't copied back.

I would prefer using Ubuntu One, since it is part of Ubuntu 12.04, but any service that works like a "drive" or "folder" is acceptable. She won't be putting anything sensitive out there.