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Thread: 12.04 screen devided into 6 small parts

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    Re: 12.04 screen devided into 6 small parts

    Solved! Thanks to fufurush,
    The problem is due to Nvidia. In fact, lastest Nvidia driver didnt work.
    For those who have the same problem, I suggest these steps below:
    Required: , for you, It's maybe different. Check Nvidia dowload page for your suitable driver.

    1. Login

    2. Remove previously installed nvidia (if any). If not, you can skip to step 3
    Run either one of these two commands:
     sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
    sudo nvidia-uninstall
    3. Black list the Nouveau driver (It's actually a reverse engineering Nvidia's current proprietary drivers for Linux), see wikipedia and Nouveau's home page for more information. For code'explanation, see here
    sudo touch /etc/modprobe.d/disable-nouveau.conf
      sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/disable-nouveau.conf
      Add the following two lines, save then close:
      blacklist nouveau
      options nouveau modeset=0
    4. Restart and login into tty1 screen
    After Ubuntu 12.04 installation, at the login screen, hit "ctr + alt + f1", login with your username and pass

    5. Turn off Xorg

    sudo services lightdm stop
    Locate the Nvidia driver and install it.
    sudo sh ./
    During installation, you should choose yes as they ask you if you want to let them to write to xorg.conf file if not, you must run it manually after using this command:
    sudo nvidia-xconfig
    7. Enjoy!!!
    Reboot, and you should now see the NVIDIA logo on startup.
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    Re: 12.04 screen devided into 6 small parts

    Hi, I'm a novice here, so please let me know what I missed. I followed the steps above and I also have a GeForce 8200 G M.

    But after a successful installation of the Nvidia beta driver (after pressing CTRL+ALT+F1) my screen is divided into 6 screens again. This is driving me nuts. Please let me know what I am missing. Thanks.

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    Re: 12.04 screen devided into 6 small parts

    Hi nxhoaf,

    Getting into terminal before the regular login screen doesn't seem to work on my computer. Is there another way I can get into terminal before the regular login screen? By reading all the other post, I feel once I'm there, I can shut down xorg and I should be able to install the drivers for my NVIDIA card. I tried shutting down xorg after I login in, but the screen goes blank. I can type all day but, nothing happens when I enter a command.


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    Exclamation Re: 12.04 screen devided into 6 small parts

    Hey guys,

    I found this post and without hope I try and got it. I solved this problem when installed the 173.xx drivers

    Good Luck

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