This is really a Windows 7 question, but I thought I would toss it out here in case anyone has some insights.

I am set up for dual boot with the factory default Windows 7 partition, and Xubuntu 12.10. All software is fully updated, everything is generally working fine, and has been for quite some time. I spend most of my time on the Xubuntu side, but occasionally have to access Windows for some specific tasks.

I have a problem with no sound coming out of the headphone jack while in Windows 7. This was working initially, but somewhere along the line it stopped. It is not a hardware problem, because the headphones work just fine under Xubuntu. Under Windows I have reinstalled the Realtek drivers to no positive effect. The speakers cut out when you plug in the headphones, but there is no sound. I found a couple of mentions of this problem:

Here it is suggested to remove the IDT Audio software. However, that is not installed on my system.

Here it is suggested to activate the headphones from the Control Panel->Sound window.
However, only the internal speakers are listed. The headphones are not.

If anyone has seen this problem and can suggest something to investigate, I would be very grateful.