Greetings from a Dell XPS17, Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit,

I work away just fine on my machine with a usb mouse and keyboard. Randomly -- the machine will have been on for hours and I will have been using my mouse and keyboard the whole time -- the mouse will simply get stuck, wherever it was last placed on the screen. My touchpad is enabled, but it does not respond to anything either.

My keyboard works fine, and I know enough shortcuts to save my work and get onto UbuntuForums and not find much info specific to this case (usually the touchpad works or their batteries are dead or something).

To fix it, I can kill X and restart it. When I arrive back at the log-in screen my mouse and touchpad are both working fine. All is well, until the last time.

This has happened a number of times, probably over the course of the last week or two, and again, completely random. Different applications running, different uptimes, odd.